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Laser and Filler Treatments

MediSpa services offered at the clinic. Please click here for more info.

Avalon clinic is the premier cosmetic and aesthetics clinic in the Stonebridge/Avalon area. Laser treatments are part of a full range of services provided at the clinic. Come meet with Dr. Jamil, licensed Family Physician for a free consultation and get amazing results from Ahmad Buzdar, our award winning laser treatment specialist using medical grade equipment. We use an Nd-YAG laser which is capable of providing deep tissue treatments for all skin types to rejuvenate the skin as well as destroying hair follicles to stop hair growth.

Treatment                                   Regular single treatment price $

Upper lip                                     $45.00

Chin                                              $45.00

Chin past jaw line                      $70.00

Cheeks                                        $70.00

Glabella                                       $70.00

Ears                                              $70.00

Full face                                      $150.00

Underarms                                 $70.00

Upper arms                                $175.00

Forearms                                    $175.00

Upper and forearms                 $300.00

Full arms (women)                    $300.00

Full arms (men)                         $350.00

Front of neck                             $110.00

Nape                                           $70.00

Around nipples                         $70.00

Bikini line                                    $90.00

Standard bikini                          $125.00

Brazillian bikini                          $170.00

Perianal                                      $20.00

Male bikini                                  $180.00

Thighs                                         $300.00

Lower legs                                 $250.00

Full legs                                      $550.00

Hands and fingers                    $70.00

Feet and toes                            $70.00

Buttocks                                     $170.00

Entire back                                 $500.00

Chest                                          $480.00

Abdomen                                   $175.00

Flanks                                         $175.00

Shoulders                                  $200.00

Laser Genesis                           $350.00

Laser Vein Thereapy100 per 15 min session

Laser for Fungal toe nail infection300 per session per nail

Laser wart tx100 per 15 min session


Glycolic acid Peel          $150.00

This is an example of potential results. Please note, results may vary from person to person

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